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This is a New Creation for the Sound Healing World: The Quartz Crystal Sonic Wand! Following the same principals of Crystal Bowl Sound Healing this Wand operates simultaneously on the physical body and the aetheric field, because of it's dual frequency/resonance. This Quartz Crystal Wand is made of reconstituted Quartz Crystal, it measures 17.5" and it's Sound is Tested to be A, somewhat close to G sharp, which means it has the frequencies of the Pituitary Gland and the 3rd Eye. Excellent for increasing one's psychic abilities, clairvoyance and clairaudience. Can also be used in dream work. We've found it to be physically healing as well, it noticeably and quickly removed local stress and muscle tension in the areas where it was brought near and focused. The sound of the tuning fork can last up to several minutes, it's sound is also different from crystal bowls in that it's not nearly as loud. Which is good in that it can be used audibly and softly so as not to be obtrusive if necessary. That is an important point to note. If you already have a crystal bowl this is a nice addition to work side by side. It is definitely a practitioner's instrument! Being made of optical clear quartz it has the ability to direct and focus intention along with the sound healing. We have strong sense that objects of this nature were used extensively in Atlantis and Lemuria, and even far before that in Ancient Africa.

This Wand was cleared and the Crystal's spirit refreshed by Skydin Zeal upon it's arrival. The padded protective case may contain some of the blessed salt, frankincense and various other hydrosols that Skydin Zeal used during purification. This auction includes the 17.5" Crystal Tuning Fork (Diameter 1"), The wooden striker and the Protective Case. The case seems not a carrying case though we're sure one will be able to find something nicer to carry this beautiful instrument in. This is the Last Crystal Tuning Fork we will have for now.

While working with a Tuning Fork similar to this we found that while holding it by the handle, if one were to press it onto an area of the client after it was chimed it would generate healing and tension releasing waves in that area. An ability unique to the Crystal Tuning fork, it acts more through touch than just sound itself. It seems it has good acupressure and massage applications that have yet to be expanded on by the sound healing field! With sound we found that waving and passing it over the client's ears encouraged deeper brain waves and meditative states. A crystal bowl is often too loud to be rang at a distance near enough for the client to relax while simultaneously receiving the tactile waves. So remember this tuning fork is not loud, that may be good for some and not for others.


Quartz Crystal Sonic Wands

Large 17", Crystal Tuning Forks in 1" and .75" Diameter

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