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Skydin's Scroll:Timely Secrets, West, East & Distant Planets!
Exclussive Events, Rare & Unusual Information!

All of our monthly original content has been described as "powerfully relevant" to current world-dynamics. In fact we are certain they will help improve your spiritual and material experiences as they unfold shortly after your enjoying this Newsletter! Accredit it to synchronicity or credit it Skydin Zeal's strictly Spiritual, otherworldly lifestyle. Whatever the reason, all our monthly event guests and clients are unanimously enthused about their participation! Our collection of beautiful, poetic visual information is guided by many powerful, divine and even extraterrestrial messengers - and all through Skydin Zeal's creative work!

12 New, Original, Powerful Features!
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Upcoming Spiritual Events with Skydin Zeal in Manhattan, New York
Events Include Large Spiritual Expos, Art Shows in which Skydin Zeal Curates and Exhibits, Workshops and talks which Skydin Zeal leads, and Rune readings at the Edgar Cayce Psychic Fair.

The Viking Mystic: A Profound Spiritual Advisor
Norse Shamanic Poetic Spiritual Wisdom random, yet finely tuned to each recipient!
Accurate, magical and deeply useful to each and every recipient!

Ancient Egyptian Tarot Card of The Month
A Major Arcana relevantly chosen and explained by Skydin Zeal from a very Rare and authentic deck the Tarot from the Religion of the Stars!

The Extraterrestrial Visitor
A Completely Channeled Visual Experience of a New Extraterrestrial Being for every month! This includes drawings, documents, channeled symbols, possibly written or recorded light language messages. All are authentic and all are channeled By Skydin Zeal

European Holiday Origins
Every Month's American Holidays, the good and the bad dates explained in terms of
Original Old European Sacred Rune Calendar Dates!

Hidden Rune Teachings
Every Month Two Advanced Runes explained in ways Beyond
what you have ever known the Runes to Encompass!

New for 2016: Ancient Nordic Mantras!
Learn Magical Old Norse one Rune at a Time! Listen to Skydin recite two Rune Rhymes included in every Newsletter. Old Norwegian is the root language of all European tongue and likely shares similarities with what was spoken in Atlantis. Skydin Zeal professionally recites the Rune Rhymes in Old Norse, Icelandic, Old English and Old High German as well!

Skydin Observations: Wisdom & Obsurdity
A feature that explores many incredible places and phenomenon on this planet too fabulous to be real – but they are! And also from time to time this feature is completely false and absurd, Skydin's sense of humor is profoundly ridiculous, and might make your ears bleed.

Skydin Zeal's own Quote of the Day
Featuring the moving, emotion-evoking and sometimes very New York City mind of Skydin Zeal!

Exclusive Skydin-Creations Shopping Specials
Spotlight on select items with added special features such as
Free Personal Customization just for you, additional exotic gemstones and much more!

$100 and up Complimentary Gift Certificates to shop at SKYDIN.COM!
Magical & Handmade: Talismans, Divination Tools, Incredible Silverware, Clothing, Accessories, Healing Instruments, Metal Wall Art and More!

All content is completely original and can only be received through our website and newsletter. More information on each feature preceds it when you click to jump to that topic!

Meet Skydin Zeal at SKYDIN.COM's Booth
in The New Life Expo, Oct 21st - 23rd
Hotel Pennsylvania Grand Ballroom 401 7th Ave, NYC


    That is correct! A Totally New and Exciting Featured Event! SKYDIN.COM will be exhibiting Fine and Contemporary Art Shows on a regular basis from this day forth! And Skydin Zeal himself will be curating each show! A little known fact is that Skydin Zeal, before becoming a Jeweler and Fashion designer was a Fine Artist! He exhibited in Chelsea's International Art District from 1999 to 2008! If you think his eye and ability for fine-crafted Jewelry is refined wait till you see our exhibitions and yes, his visual art! If you are a visual artist in Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens and would like to apply to our Art Exhibitions please contact us. Our Exhibitions will be held in Midtown Manhattan. Mid-September's Art Exhibition will be titled: Artifacts from the Future! Evocative artworks that relate to this theme will be considered! Check http://www.skydin.com/nycevents.html regularly for updates! For a direct link to Skydin Zeal's Fine Art, including ways to purchase original oil Paintings, Mixed Media, and Limited Edition Archival Giclee Prints please visit: http://www.skydin.com/FineArt.html


"Any Gift or trait from the Gods can only be experienced through non-resistance and joy. As children know until they 'learn' (forget) otherwise, there is only wonder and joy. Pain is a self-destructive illusion. At this time one finds out that one is greater than all of life's most mystic initiations and tests – so great that even creating a conflict is impossible to win against, so great is one's power to create realities! The ways of Migard were useful while one was of Migard, as were the ways of hell when one dwelled in hell. However, one has now graduated to a higher realm, to be more accurate, one has actually transformed Migard to something greater. This is the same as it is in mainstream religion, people are taught to work to make earth as it is in heaven. So at this moment one's sheer positivity, appreciation, power and love are too powerful to create anything undesired. The true son of day beyond earth will shine for everyone at the end, for peasants, the noble and Godlings to be. A warrior's way is to grow as much as possible in every incarnation and return the surplus of energy to our Ancestor Gods and Goddesses to further their mighty plan to guide all souls to freedom from need." -Skydin Zeal, Rune Master Mysteries

How the Viking Mystic is Universally Relevant

The Viking Mystic was produced and refined over many years as Skydin Zeal worked closely with the Gods and Goddesses. But The Viking Mystic is not the product of study alone, you see, the truly advanced, powerful side of the Runes has reached out to Skydin Zeal during channeled/mediumship sessions and vision quests.

Study and you will find that the Runes reach far back before the Viking Age and into Atlantis and are interconnected with Kabbalah, Ancient Egypt, the Tarot  and more widely studied practices in today’s spiritual community! The Runes, as is the Old Norse language are the origins of all European languages and all western indigenous spiritual practices. They explain the actual truth of Human life, the afterlife, reincarnation and the original plan for all of Planet Earths races.

Unbeknownst to even talented professional Rune Readers is the initiatory and secret side of the Runes.  This aspect of the Runes opens up the doorway to the creator Gods and Goddesses – our very first ancestors, who are very much alive! Skydin Zeal stands at that door, willing to share the words and advise of the one who so many mainstream religions call God or Jehovah. There is a reason that Europe and America are at the center to the fate of the world – and it is not because life is unfair. There is no injustice on this planet, to say there is would be to deny the glory and supremacy of God the creator!

Gods & Goddesses? Sorry, I'm Monotheistic!

For those who strongly follow a monotheistic religion yet are open to additional concepts we hope that you realize that even the original Norse Pantheon of Gods and Goddesses accepts Monotheism, and that is that Odin incorporates all the Gods and Goddesses, the good and even the bad. Even orthodox Christians accept the concept of Saints and Archangels, the supreme Source-God enlists many messengers in reaching us! These messengers are unique to one another as we are unique.

Learn Magical Old Norse Mantras one Rune at a Time! Watch and listen to Skydin recite one Rune Rhymes included in every Newsletter! Old Norwegian is the root language of all European tongue and possibly shares similarities with what was spoken in Atlantis. Skydin Zeal professionally recites the Rune Rhymes in Old Norse, Icelandic, Old English and Old High German as well. If you speak English this is in fact quite relevant to your reality. Even Mainstream religious holidays are related, discover the Gods who created you!

   A Monthly Egyptian Tarot Card with Advanced Information: Skydin Zeal has read professionally for a decade, before that he read for his passion for decoding the meaning of reality, and far before that he began study of the Tarot whilst still in childhood. In this section of the Newsletter travel to Ancient Egypt with a Tarot system described as a Tarot deck most authentic to Ancient Egyptian Mystery School Teachings as they actually were within the Pyramids and Temples. Tarot translates to “Royal Path” in Egyptian (Ta-Ro) and if studied correctly most definitely is, for it offers answers to all of life’s questions and beautifies the soul as does The Religion of the Stars to which it belongs. To purchase a deck and accompanying study course which are truly beautifully written contact The Brotherhood of Light. The monthly card is always chosen mystically, the method, however varies.  

 The Sage: The 9th Major Arcana
   "'The Sage', as it is called in the Sacred Tarot, is commonly known of as 'the Hermit' like all Tarot cards functions on three parallel realities. Starting from the top, at the spiritual realm it represents absolute wisdom. On the intellectual plane 'The Sage' represents prudence as the director of the will. And in the physical realm it represents circumspection and a guide to actions. 'The Sage' shares an affinity with the English consonant 'th' as in 'Theosophy', and it's numerological value is 9. 'The Sage' realms are occult science, mental alchemy and clairaudience. It's Zodiacal affinity is Aquarius and its gemstone is blue sapphire or obsidian and black pearl. Nine is in fact a divine, building block for all numbers. When the number nine is multiplied by any number the digits produced when added together will always resolve into nine. 'The Sage' represents wisdom of good and evil attained through the understanding that obstacles are to be sought and overcome. Experiences with good and evil are garnered in the material world as well as the inner world."

   "In fact, all activities of our human lives are alchemical in nature. As it is human impulse to seek to add to all of creation, or to change what is, such desires require patience as all components are directed into the channels that they must in order to transform reality. Arcannum 9 represents the many metaphysical practices utilized to gain information of occult subject matter. Passion and gross expression, therefore, must be supplanted by more exalted expressions of love. Such emotionally uplifting sentiments tend to raise one's desire for nobler work. 'The Sage's thoughts and activities attract cosmic elementals such as sylphs, salamanders, undines and gnomes as well as magnetic elementals such as fauns, elves, nymphs and fairies. In Arcanum 5 we found that four signs express the absolute and are themselves explained by a 5th. And now in Arcanum 9 we find that The Sage symbolizes the absolute in expression. 5, or intellectual man must have a medium through which to express, a realm to move and work, and that is signified by the square mantle of the Sage, physical reality."..."–Skydin Zeal, The Sacred Tarot

A New, channeled Extraterrestrial Visitor Every Month! This exciting feature will include imagery, documents, channeled symbols, possibly written or recorded light language messages. What comes through the extraterrestrial speaking will vary, but will always be authentic. Each month's visitor may have immediate relevance to the experiences at hand and comes to you directly from heavenly, extraterrestrial sources.
A Bit of Background on Skydin Zeal's Involvement with Extraterrestrials
For several years now Skydin Zeal has lead successful Astral Travel workshops to planets such as Mars as well as earth’s moon. He is also involved with the International space exploration organization Mars One who will send to Mars its first, human inhabitants! Further he is creating Talismans that facilitate traveling to the moon via Lucid Dreaming or out of body experiences as well. A pendant is currently being designed that will be placed on the Moon which will connect all of Skydin Zeal’s Lunar Travel Pendants.
In this issue's Extraterrestrial Visitor...
Skydin Zeal encounters a giant, 25,000 year old Jupiterian God! The Jupiterian God teaches us how Earth's creatures are actually created on other planets through a mysterious elemental art and how our Creator Gods were forced to leave us in the time before history! So make yourself a cup of tea, relax and leave planet earth for a spell! And remember, all of Skydin drawings and text are channeled originals, all extraterrestrials bare resemblance to their channeled source, however they are not exact as urban life in Manhattan, New York brings its own aliens into the picture.

  "On Jupiter there are an incredible wealth of ruins devoted to what can be described as feline/bird humanoid figures. I say ruins but they are in near immaculate condition, it’s just that in the few times I’ve explored these lands I have never encountered any life what-so-ever, artifact creator or visitor of these fields."

"I’ve been here three times and every time I’ve had to turn back at the same exact point. This would be because at this point I would suddenly experience an incredible, gravity-like force, which is somehow related to a nearby storm."


   "But this time I was able to proceed, the storm that was always ahead was much higher in the atmosphere on this day. It had always been apparent to me that this storm was ‘placed’ here as an impenetrable wall keeping safe a master artisan-crafted temple. When I stepped within its equally ornate tiled field, the entire field began to sink gradually. I felt not the single bit of apprehension – my life on Earth had long since defeated any doubt within me. I was elated, the solid stone platform soon reached its landing and I beheld before me a majestic, royal chamber with tall vaulted ceilings. Here I found some familiar features and others ranging from strange to incomprehensible  technology.” Far off at the end of the hall there sat in an immense throne an immense being. I felt he must be a Jupiterian God. I was not afraid, if it was my time to go who was I to fear it in such a place which’s majesty was beyond anything I could ever know in this incarnation. As I approached him I bowed, he addressed me in a language composed of mostly consonants, with many of the sounds produced being Z’s, S’s and T’s."
   "I explained through body language that I didn’t understand him. He then spoke in English ‘So, you must be one of the storm chasers.’ I replied, ‘I am a bit of a storm chaser I suppose.’ He spoke ‘That is just my term for the students that our universities have been sending to study and explain me.’ I commented that I had always known there were schools on most planets, but I was not, at least knowingly currently enrolled.

    "I told Deizen who I am, and that I knew he was the source of the powerful storm. He spoke again and said that he is called ‘Deizen’ and asked me my name. When I responded he looked up in thought, seemed to access something mentally and spoke “Ah, you have incarnations ahead of you that will take you to undreamed of places. Whether you go back to earth will be your choice and where you stand today you have fully earned that choice on your own. Skydin, you will make it to the very end and if you so wish you will become a Godling an Angel, or find/create your spacecraft and depart on an endless exploratory/creative existence. Ah… If you do that I see you will create entertaining, profound and ridiculous realities that explorers will be lured to, haha!’
 "It should be mentioned that Deizen had several intelligent beings circling about him, some completely energetic and alien and some organic and familiar. One such being was a bird the size of a man that was a-light with a supernatural power. It looked at me as a completely sentient being would look onto another, it was obvious that its intelligence was at least equal to a member of the human race. A second, much younger bird had seemed to materialize from the energetic/electric spheroid beings at Deizen’s right. As I stared in wonder Deizen spoke “Your people call them sylphs. The very first ancestor of every race of bird on your planet came into existence in a very similar way before finding its way to your planet. If this being were to remain here it would continue to grow and transform into Godhood. The story of Felines is also the same; I have created cats as well. Earth is not the only planet were these beings find themselves, however Earth is in fact the planet where the more autistic individuals of cats, birds and so on are sent, they improve very slowly over centuries.’ He commented that cats have much intelligence but quite frequently it would leave them to travel to their home planet, and that the cat or kitten would be left for a few moments without any sense what-so-ever.”
    "What I felt would be the most profound physical phenomenon about Deizen were what were iridescent, technological, liquid/solid metallic objects that moved about him. One half of his face was in fact completely composed of these objects - it was not a mask. The artifacts moved about, changed shape and quality. When I inquired about it Deizen said to me ‘they were formed from the essence of sheer creative inspiration, joy and purity, free of need or memory!’ Deizen explained that ‘each module required a thousand years to manifest, but once created it is a thing of a reality far outside of anything time-based! The modules then exist as permanent consciousness and Godhood, a testament to the dominance of power beyond space and time.’ I asked him how old he was to which he responded ‘I am 25,737 earth-years old in this incarnation, and the continuity between each of my lifetimes has generally been seamless.” He then said with a sigh ‘there are many unacceptable facts about your earth reality matrix - all of your creator Gods were forced to leave.’ I was astonished and now knew that Deizen possessed the answers that I have been searching for all my life. I asked him to tell me why they had left, he said the most that he will share on the subject at this moment in time is that several very ancient generations of human beings were possessed by an entire legion of subterranean extraterrestrials from a holding chamber, that is a 'hell' on another planet. It was a ‘hijacking’ so that these discarnate souls could live vicariously through humanity and savor for themselves the most base, materialistic vices - the lowest, most selfish desires of what they perceived was mankind's reward. It was in fact addiction to these things that sent them all to their holding dimension to begin with!’ This hijacking made salvation or as many of your kind call it 'Nirvana', the exception, and near countless reincarnation the rule. If they could have their way salvation would be impossible – but the mind of God sleeps within every man and woman and with every generation more awaken, more refuse to oblige addiction.’ Deizen offered me to stay for a few millennia, I was grateful and thanked him but said that I have experienced similar schooling in the past as my lives between lifetimes. Deizen spoke ‘Yes, you’ve received a degree from the Mars, Saturn and Pluto schools, this is evidenced by some of your facial features.’ ‘But remember that you arrived there without your physical body, if you study here now you would be educated without physical death, just like the Archangel Metatron, written about in your so-called apocryphal texts, in truth it is not so rare a phenomenon.’ I told him that I have scores to settle on a sphere of dust and ignorance, that spins crookedly in the night.’ I asked Deizen if he would, through his mercy, grant me a few lessons in the creative, scientific and martial fields for which he was a master. He said “I certainly will, I would never turn down a devout servant of Odin.’ And so the perception of the reality between myself and all of my friends and foes was frozen for five years as I trained and thrived on Jupiter. My lessons continued as I slept in my space craft. Praise the Creator Gods and Goddesses!"

–Skydin Zeal, The Extraterrestrial Visitor

A Sincere Contest with up to a 1 in 5 Chance of Winning!

Every month SKYDIN.COM gives away 3 Prizes! And one is a Pendant of your Choice worth $300 to $700. 2nd place and 3rd place both receive Psychic Readings worth $120 each! Being that this is an exclusive list, your chances of winning one of three prizes are actually quite good, and there are ways to tip the odds in your favor! Here’s how to have your email entered instantly and more than once!

Three Ways to enter your email address into our contest!

1. Like on Facebook!

Simply Like and instantly be entered into this month's Free Pendant and Free Psychic Reading Contest PLUS receive a Mega $50 Gift Certificate from SKYDIN.COM. (Limit one per month) If you have done this in a previous month and would like to receive it again simply ask a friend to Like. Mega Gift Certificates can be saved but can only be applied to one pendant each. For example, if you purchase two pendants you may apply two Mega Coupon Codes to your order. Please email us on the same day you or a friend have Liked us including your facebook name so we can verify, send you your coupon code and enter you into our contest. If a friend has liked us they should also email us to be included! info@skydin.com

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Purchase a Skydin-Made Spiritual product within five days of receiving our Newsletter. Tip: If you click like above this will grant you $50 off which you can immediately use on this purchase! Please e-mail us at the time of purchase that you wish to be included in this month's contest: info@skydin.com

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Sign up 5 of your spiritual friends for our once-per-month Newsletter! To do so simply reply to our Newsletter with their email addresses, including first and last name, and please ask them first. This is a once-per-month newsletter that contains incredibly useful, fun facts and we never share email addresses with anyone!

The odds are in your Favor!

Our Newsletter is received by a closely-knit circle of people who take part in many of the same events, share very intelligent spiritual points of view, a vast majority have met Skydin Zeal himself. Because of this we expect about 50 contestants initially, based on these metrics, if your name is entered 3 times and we have 3 prizes, that gives you about a 1 in 5 chance of winning a prize! And our prizes are valuable!

Last Month's Three Winners!

The Gods & The Universe Have Spoken! Congratulations Gina Duffy, Denise Florio & Camden Goorjian!
And Remember, our contest is completely fair. If you do not win you can try again every month, just use it as an opportunity to tune up where your spiritual alignment is - your reality is up to you!

Skydin Zeal's Quote of the Month

“With joy in my heart I repair the bridge that keeps realms apart. Fire from ice and light from dark - the hidden mission of my metal art. Though my efforts may be petty to my masters who dwell above me, in my work against their enemies I’ll exhibit God-like consistency! In this lifetime I resign my body to a laboratory beyond space and time. With my robots we finely craft countless magical artifacts! We fuse magic, art and technology to supply earth’s light bearers to lead their way. And when one day when my work is done God shall declare that Asgard has won. I'll leave this planet with all my friends and set sale toward a newer land." - Skydin Zeal, November 2015"

Skydin Zeal teaches monthly workshops on Three Skydin Zeal leads monthly workshops on Three Topics: Dream Mastery, The Norse Gods & Martian Magic Email for Date Disclosure & Online Registration

Scroll Down for More information on all our events!
Monthly events with Skydin Zeal at the A.R.E. and the Studio on 29th include:

The Atlantean Temple Foundations
Norse Yogic Techniques, Purification of Negative Energy, Readings & Channeled Wisdom For Everyone! 
7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. at The Edgar Cayce Center, NYC RSVP E-mail to ensure your seat!
And Remember you can Join Up on Meetup as well! Meetup.com/The-Atlantean-Temple/
Our Events are Held at: The Edgar Cayce Center for Research & Enlightenment (ARE)
Located at
241 West 30th St. #102 212-691-7690

Join us on Meetup at


Norse Psychic Self Defense & Healing Level 2 May 2014 At the Edgar Cayce Center, NYC
For More Visual Information in addition to that which is on this page see http://www.skydin.com/classes.html And for more information on the Psychic Self Defense We Teach see: http://www.skydin.com/psychicdefense.html

Psychic & Healing Fair
is Saturdy, August 27th 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.
(Early Signup is encouraged as Skydin is always booked with clients)
ARE Center, New York
212-691-7690 241 West 30th Street New York, NY 10001 - 2nd FL, buzz in #102

  • Admission is free, and all 20-minute psychic/intuitive readings and healing sessions are $30 each.
  • Free workshops during the Fair feature internationally known Lightworkers, an opportunity to garner insight from the leading edge in spiritual and psychic development, healing, and enlightenment.
  • All services are donated by our Center's talented Wellness Practitioners, teachers and friends to benefit the non-profit Association for Research & Enlightenment of NY. We are truly grateful for their servicefrom the heart… and soul!

Proceeds benefit the non-profit Cayce organization.

For September events only, please be sure to call us at least a day before the event you'd like to attend and check its location. We will host some of our September events at our current 241 W 30th St location, while others will take place at our new home at 153 W 27th St, #702-704. Starting in October, all events will be taking place at 153 W 27th St.



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