The Sky Earth Portal Pendant
Spiritually Customized Just for You!

In 2012 Skydin Zeal Created a Pendant to address an issue familiar to all of us having a Human Experience, that being Abundance. As Spiritual Beings we tend to come into this life with many of our other higher bases covered. But Abundance is an Energy that governs not only Finance, but Friendship, Richness of Experience, Human Life Itself. If one's Abundance, even Financial Wealth is not in balance it can prevent one from Ascending to higher Spiritual Experiences. And one can never have enough Abundance Energy, for it manifests in Physical Wellness, Longevity, Happiness and more. This pendant was created with 19 Intense, Prosperity-Inducing symbols from all over the world, mostly Icelandic and Kabbalistic Numerological as these are Skydin Zeal's areas of Experience. For An explanation on how a Symbol Generates an Experience click here.

Gemstone Selection: Choose from (Pictured above, Left to Right): Amethyst, Garnet, Citrine, Opal Solid/Triplet, Peridot, Moldavite, Blue Swiss Topaz, Aquamarine, Blue Sapphire, Emerald, Mystic Topaz, Ruby, Star Ruby, Iolite, Diamond (Lab), Diamond (Natural), Kyanite. All 100% Natural and Authentic unless clearly specified. The more blue or purple in color gemstones will better facilitate the focus of this pendant's intentions, however there are always exceptions, more information on the particular properties of gemstones can be found on the net, but often it's best to go with one's natural intuition.

Technical Information: Size: 50mm x 50mm x 17mm Weight: 14.5 grams, Composition: .929 Sterling Silver with 18k gold accents.



How do Jewelry, Gemstones & Symbols Benefit Our Lives?

The metaphysics that allows talismans to improve our reality is of many kinds, all acting on multiple levels. For example, with those of you well-studied in gem-magic, the materials of these pendants are what you most consciously feel. For those drawn to Astrology, the Zodiacal correlations are what they can most readily utilize. There is great magic in the large array of symbols Skydin uses, they denote magical or energetic signatures that Skydin has focused and instilled during the creative process. Skydin is also a channel for several evolved beings from the future. In his life and work he is guided by Angels and has the ability to reach to extraterrestrials for guidance in techncial magic. There is magic in the fact that there is a sacred space within these pendants. Often the sacred space or chamber contains Moldavite, a 17 million-year old meteoric stone, which is well-known in the spiritual community to accelerate DNA and helping us evolve through and past our karma. Often times the Moldavite causes the pendant to ring and chime musically as it is carried, this form of magic acts on an audial level. If you are uncertain as to which gemstone to select for your pendant you can contact us, Skydin Zeal may do a reading for you to discover which gemstone would be best. It can be said to be generally true that gemstones such as Garnets, Rubies, Sunstones, Amethysts and Lapis Lazuli are protective and work to keep your awareness and energy within the safety of the confines of yourself. While other gemstones are intuitive, explorative and expanding. Another little understood metaphysical phenomenon is that every work of art that Skydin Zeal creates, regardless of his conscious intention, materials used, rituals ennacted, is alive and has power that is immediately seen and felt. This is because from a very early age Skydin was intensely drawn to his destiny and only his destiny, he lives a very specific life-style and has walked a very specific path. The precise way in which all these branches of metaphysics or "magic" actually work can be found by clicking "Skydin's Library." There you will find an index of original definitions for all the concepts that Skydin Zeal works with. All of the content herein is original and directly from Skydin Zeal.

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