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Here you will find all of Skydin Zeal's in-depth study of The Sacred Tarot, an authentic Egyptian-style Tarot deck. And beyond this, the Sacred Tarot encorporates beautifully logical Numerological, Zodiacal and Kabbalistic tools. It is truly the missing link between modern Tarot decks and the very first soure! Skydin Zeal has read professionally for a decade, before that he read for his passion for decoding the meaning of reality, and far before that he began study of the Tarot whilst still in childhood. In this section of the Newsletter travel to Ancient Egypt with a Tarot system described as a Tarot deck most authentic to Ancient Egyptian Mystery School Teachings as they actually were within the Pyramids and Temples. Tarot translates to “Royal Path” in Egyptian (Ta-Ro) and if studied correctly most definitely is, for it offers answers to all of life’s questions and beautifies the soul as does The Religion of the Stars to which it belongs. To purchase a deck and accompanying study course which are truly beautifully written contact The Brotherhood of Light. The monthly card is always chosen mystically, the method, however varies.  


 The Alchemist: The 14th Major Arcana

“The 14th Major Arcana is The Alchemist, in the Rider Waite Deck (a more commonly known Tarot) the name of this card is simply Temperance. It shares affinity with the letter N, as that is the phonetic quality of the 14th Hebrew letter to which it belongs. The Tarot is entirely numerological and the alchemist finds itself amidst many challenging cards and numbers. As such it is the function of one who operates under the 11th Arcana as a sort of getting out of trouble card. Which is the hidden meaning of temperance, the protective qualities of abstinence from activities that weaken one’s spiritual constitution. Through the power of the Alchemist one can prevent or cancel negativity, it is akin to saying ‘no’ and in this way shares something in common with the N-Rune. There are more parallels than there are differences between these seemingly unrelated systems. The Alchemist’s essence is in defensive, more esoterically it relates to the creatures of the seas. On its own it does not really lead to happiness or freedom.” –Skydin Zeal, on The Sacred Tarot

 The Sun: The 19th Major Arcana

...."The Sun Card is the 19th Major Arcana in both the Egyptian Sacred Tarot as well as the commonly known Rider Waite. In the Sacred Tarot, the Sun, like all cards must be understood in terms of the three levels of reality in which it functions: physical, intellectual and spiritual. Before anything else is said, the Sun is always defined by true happiness, joy and love. If this card reveals itself in psychic reading, it nearly always indicates that perfection can be achieved through domestic life, it may or may not indicate soul mates. In the human being it is the primary source of inspiration and comes from matters of love between couples. The Sun card explains through its rich symbolic content that when lovers are truly wed and the triple laws of harmony are obeyed then their lives a constant round of happiness even amid adversities."

"Purely scientifically this is the protective influence one activates when partaking in activities that typically lead to the bringing into this planet new souls through procreation - but it must be through the divine. And the divine is reached only through devotion/sacrifice. These essential components are expressed in the Sun Card's numerology. It is the 19th, which means that it is derived from the 7 and the 12, Will and Devotion. The apparently simple numerology involved speaks volumes - as in domestic life if the 7 is not transformed by 12 then one's children will come into the world incomplete, and thus themselves have to pick up exactly where their parents have failed, and that is self-sacrifice/devotion.
...."The Sun Card is ruled by Leo and matters of the heart. It represents inspiration as inspiration is the indrawing of spirit. If this card is engaged in one's life then one's desires become refined and one becomes truly strong. Returning to the domestic implications of The Sun. It is the sanctuary of home, that is created within a self or living space offers nearly absolute protection from evil. The institution of the family is in fact a school within the school of earth life, it nearly always guarantees that every participating souls' spirit is raised. The souls of such refined people cannot be harmed by evil spirits, hence why evil spirits constantly seek to prevent the creation of families. The Sun card appears to really insist on the necessity of baring children, but it is not necessarily so. Those who seek otherwise must truly make certain to be a blessing onto the world, to promote the education and spiritual freedom of other souls to progress and then you will have raised a family!"  –Skydin Zeal, The Sacred Tarot



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